Mobile App Development – Malaysian companies will only benefit from it

Mobile phones have taken the world by storm. The situation is no different in Malaysia also. According to the International Telecommunication Union, there are 127 phone subscriptions for every 100 Malaysians. This speaks volume of how deep mobile phones have entered into the Malaysian society, with the number of mobile phone users using their devices to connect with each other as well as their favorite products/services being on the rise further.

With so many cellphone users in Malaysia, it should make perfect business sense for Malaysian companies of all sizes to start thinking about approaching their customers and potential customers where they are i.e. on their mobile devices.

Besides having a separate, professional-looking and useful mobile website made for your business, another great way to engage customers and potential customers through their cellphones is to have a truly great i.e. highly useful and/or full of fun mobile application developed.

You can have such an app developed either by your in-hour developers (if you have them) or ideally by a professional Malaysian mobile app development company.

You might ask why Malaysian mobile app development company? The answer is simple: A mobile app development company located and doing business in Malaysia stands to deliver much better results, as the app development company will understand the Malaysian psyche much better and hence build you a mobile app that just wins hearts and minds of Malaysians. This is certainly not to suggest that any mobile app developer outside Malaysia cannot build a winning mobile app for your business, but just that your odds will be better if you, as a business owner whose business is located and/or sells in Malaysia, have your mobile app built by a Malaysian mobile app development firm or a Malaysian technology company that also provides mobile app development service.

If you have a great idea for an app, then you just have to decide on a professional mobile app developer and award them the contract. If, however, you are unable to come up with a great idea for a mobile app for your business, you still can decide on an app developer and assure them, perhaps by making a down payment, that you have decided to have your mobile app built by them, and let them know you also want their help in coming up with an idea for a great mobile app. Some mobile app development companies will actually be flattered that you asked for their help and may give you a great idea or two or an idea or two that will lead you to an idea or two for an awesome mobile ad. The more minds you can put to work of coming up with an idea, the better the odds are that you will have that gem of an idea (we at Etechy Solutions will be pleased to be of assistance in coming up with an idea for a great mobile app for your business, besides building that app).

Businesses the world over are making full use of mobile apps and increasing customer engagement and sales. Your business can be the next success story in Malaysia that also serves a great example for the world also.

Social Media Marketing is Useless, Right? Wrong!

It is sometimes heard from frustrated businesses that are unable to utilize social media to their advantages that social media marketing is of no use. When given examples of businesses that have been making good to excellent use of social media to market their products and/or services for years, owners of the unsuccessful businesses simply say, “It just doesn’t work for me.”

If anything doesn’t work for some, while it does for many others, arriving at the conclusion that that “anything” is useless is not the way successful businesspeople operate and nobody should. If you are one of those unsuccessful businesspersons, we hope you find this article useful and never again say you can’t get social media networks to work for you.

Here are some tips that should help you get the most out of different social media networks for your business:

Persistence is key

So what if you have failed the first time or the second time? Try again, and again, until you succeed.If there is one thing that all wildly successful businesspeople have in common, it is persistence. You should also be convinced that persistence is key and arguably the only secret to success there is. Here is a motivation for you to keep trying:Social media is inherently helpful, meaning it would not take you tens of attempts to succeed.

Offer something useful to new Followers, Likers, +1’ers, Pinners, etc.

The one thing that most social media-disliking businesses commonly complain about is the difficulty in gaining a huge following on different social networks. Gaining a good number of following on several different popular social media websites, however, should not be too big a problem. While there are some social media professionals that suggest you not to offer something as reward to people for joining you on a social network, because they say your services/products should be the only reason people connect with you on social media, offering a reward to new followers, likers, +1’ers, pinners, etc. is a sure-fire way to increase your social media following and is not necessarily a bad thing.

Ensure what you offer is truly useful for your target market and offer it to them free of cost. If you are really worried about how you would be perceived, and the social media marketing professionals that advise against offering anything free to people as a reward to join you on social media are also not entirely incorrect in advising that, you can tell people that they can join you to get the free deal and are free to unlike your page after they have gotten the freebie, but if they decide to stay they can stay up to date with all the future offers by your business. Doing such a thing should also help you project your company’s image in a good light, as people would see you are not only offering the freebie to gain followers.

Keep followers entertained and attached

Once you have acquired a following on different social networks, your job is to keep them entertained and attached. To do this, it is essential that you keep creating content for the consumption of your social media following. Such content include blog posts, info-graphs, interesting polls, funny memes, among others.

Finally, if you find that you can’t get any and/or all of the above and more done,

Get help from a professional

Getting help from a social media marketing professional or a professional social media marketing company will be one of the best investments that you can make. In fact you don’t have to spend a fortune, as there are some companies (and we are one of them; check our packages) that offer professional social media marketing services at very reasonable rates. By getting help, you’ll still be following the first tip above – persistence to achieve success.

3 lesser-known, but very powerful sources of website traffic

Website Traffic Tips

website trafficEvery website owner wants to receive lots of website traffic and receive it regularly, but not everybody succeeds in getting website traffic. If you are the owner of a website or more than one website and looking to get traffic, here are three lesser-known, but very powerful sources of website traffic that should help you get what you are looking for. and and are content aggregators. They aggregate best content from all around the internet. You should submit your blog to these websites, but it’s important that on your blog you regularly publish useful content for it to work for you.

AllTopwas created by Guy Kawaski. If you can get your blog listed on Alltop, you can receive a huge amount of traffic. You can submit your site at

9Rules could be another great source of traffic for your website if you submit your blog and it is accepted. 9Rules accepts submissions throughout the year. To see when their next opening is, visit

Content syndication

Submitting your articles to article directories is now no more a good strategy to get traffic. You should submit your best articles to top informative content websites and blogs instead. This is content syndication.

For example:

Submit your best articles to, one of the most popular sports websites, if you run a blog about sports.

Submit your original blog posts to if you run a website about parenting.

Submit your best quality articles to if you run a website about finance.

And if you blog about internet marketing, submit your best pieces to sites like,,, and

The above are just examples. There are popular content syndication opportunities in all markets. Just find which ones are in yours, submit your best articles to them, and you could see massive traffic on your website.

For content syndication purpose, you should also submit your best blog posts to a relevant Ning community. There are thousands of Ning communities, with each being centered on a single topic. Chances are you will find your niche there.

Before submitting your top quality articles to a relevant Ning community, it’s a good idea to start getting involved in the community by visiting and commenting on other submissions and participating in discussions there.

The most attractive thing about Ning is that all submissions are displayed on the front page for a fair enough time. To visit Ning, go to

Cool Site of the Day

The website Cool Site of the Day ( is another great source for massive amount of traffic. As the name suggests itself, the site features some of the most interesting websites from around the internet. If the website management chooses your website, they will feature your sit on the homepage and share it with over 150,000 subscribers of theirs.

Websites that get featured on Cool Site of the Day are frequently picked up by journalists all over the world. BBC News website, USA Today, radio stations, and several other outlets have quoted some sites featured here.

There are other websites similar to Cool Site of the Day. They include:

  • Yahoo Picks
  • TopsiteoftheDay
  • AskMen
  • Blackstump
  • Family First

Now that you know about three very powerful sources of traffic, you should try them and see some good to great amount of traffic on your website.

Website Analysis – How to discover how competitors’ websites are doing

Website Analysis

website analysisKeeping an eye on competitors’ websites and staying aware how they are doing is something all serious businesses must do, because once you know how your competition is doing, you can decide what really needs to be done to increase the relevance and importance of your website. But how do you do that?

Thanks to some great resources online, knowing how other websites are performing is no more a difficult task. In the following, we mention names of some of these resources and briefly explain how you can use them to your advantage.

SEO Digger:

SeoDigger helps you analyze your competitor keywords and lets you know which keywords you can use to discover any domain in Google or MSN.

SEOMoz’s Rank Checker:

How SEOMoz’s Rank Checker works is you type in your URL, keyword, which search engine you’d prefer to search and hit enter, and it automatically checks your rankings and presents you with a report. You can and should this tool to check the rankings of your competitors.

Feed Compare:

Feed Compare is a free application that lets you compare FeedBurner feeds. You can use this application to compare up to three feeds. Just enter your own feed and three of your competitors’ feeds and you will get a comparison report.

Website Grader:

A free SEO tool that lets you assess a website’s marketing effectiveness, Website Grader provides you with a score that is based on SEO, website traffic, social popularity, and other technical factors. For your competitors’ websites, this tool will provide you with competitive analyses.

iWebTool’s Multi-Rank Checker:

This checker lets you check multiple domains for the Alexa Ranking and Google Page Rank.

Touch Graph:

If you want to discover the network of connectivity between websites, as reported by related sites’ Google database, this is your tool. You can get an interesting view of the relationship between your website and that of your competitors’.

SEO Book’s SEO for Firefox:

This SEO Book’s tool is very useful in discovering numerous useful marketing data points. You get a more all-inclusive view of a market’s competitive scene right from the search results. Moreover, to enable you to dig further into the data, it provides you with links to the data sources.

Webconfs’ Domain Stats tool:

By using this tool, you can learn all kinds of statistics for your competitor’s domains. The statistics that you can learn are count of backlinks, Yahoo WebRank, Alexa Taffic Rank, Dmoz listings,age of the domains, and number of pages indexed in widely used search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Compete’s Site Analytics:

This tool is great for getting free information to examine the difference in growth of two or more websites. The free information that you get includes a list of available marketing codes across thousands of online retailers, history of website traffic and competitive analytics, and site-specific trust scores that are founded on the latest data from Compete and third-party security services.


A tool that you must use, KeywordSpy helps you discover the keywords your competitors are targeting. Using this tool, you can increase your ad campaign revenue because you will have found out the most profitable keywords.

Knowing how your competitors’ websites are doing is of paramount importance, because, as said at the start of the article, it enables you to make some great improvements to your own website. Use the tools mentioned above and you’ll stand a better chance of outdoing your competition.

Samsung says it will donate US $3mil (RM9.81mil) to two charities chosen by Ellen DeGeneres

South Korean tech giant Samsung has said that it will donate US$3mil (RM9.81mil currently) to two charities chosen by famous American TV show host Ellen DeGeneres following the TV show host orchestrating a selfie, which was taken using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by famous Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, at the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the selfie was not “entirely unplanned,” but was part of an advertising deal of US$20mil (RM65.25mil) with the Oscars telecaster, American commercial broadcast television network The American Broadcasting Company (ABC), and Samsung executives trained DeGeneres how to use the phone during rehearsals of the awards show.

Following the Wall Street Journal’s report, a Samsung spokesperson said in a message to TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha that the selfie that became the most retweeted photo of all time, snatching the record from US President Barack Obama and US First Lady Michele Obama’s photo, was a “great surprise for everyone [at Samsung],” apparently denying that the selfie was planned.

“While we were a sponsor of the Oscars and had an integration with ABC, we were delighted to see Ellen organically incorporate the device into the selfie moment that had everyone talking,” said Samsung, according to a report by Ha of TechCrunch, adding, “A great surprise for everyone, she captured something that nobody expected.”

It was in this message that Samsung revealed it would donate US $1.5mil each (and so $3 million in total) to two charities that had been chosen by DeGeneres. The two charities are Memphis, Tennessee,-based non-profit medical corporation St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital and Washington, D.C.,-based world’s largest non-profit organization promoting animal rights The Humane Society of the United States.

The Humane Society also has offices/affiliates in Australia, Canada, India, Latin America, and the United Kingdom, besides the United States, and runs major programs in Bhutan, Brazil, China, Europe, Haiti, and Mexico.

At the Oscars, DeGeneres, who, according to several media outlets, used her own iPhone to tweet ceremony-related posts, brought together such stars as Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, and Lupita Nyong’o for the selfie. In the most retweeted photo of all time, Nyong’o’s relatively less-known brother can also be seen.

After the selfie had created the record of being the most retweeted photo of all time, Twitter official reportedly contacted DeGeneres to tell her about the record. After Bradly Cooper had taken the selfie, DeGeneres encouraged millions of users watching the awards show live on their television screens to retweet the selfie and break the record, which was for President Obama and Micelle Obama’s photo showing the first couple hugging each other after the US president had won his second term as president.

Within five minutes of DeGeneres’ request to viewers of the awards ceremony, the selfie was retweeted 100,000 times, and under 90 minutes following the request, it had been retweeted more than 1.9 million times and favorited about 900,000 times.

As of Wednesday, March 5, the photo had been retweeted more than 3.25 million times.

Facebook Marketing – How to Build trust on Facebook

Facebook Marketing

facebook marketingFacbeook marketing has been a great route to drive traffic to any business. It helps strongly in converting. People who have personal profiles with heavy amount of followers on Facebook or Twitter should be driving more traffic with high conversion ratio.

Facebook marketing has a few different scenarios for people to work with. Of course you have to learn many things about it if you are newbie in this market. I will try to create a course in different steps soon. However a quick summary I will try to discuss here. Continue reading “Facebook Marketing – How to Build trust on Facebook”

Get the hidden gem of your employees

Are you the boss or team leader who is not getting 100% of his employees?

Are you willing to help them work better and produce great results at the end of the day?

Employees are your assets. That is true at some extent. If you are in a service providing business, your employees are your assets. You have to help them produce great results. Even though they have capabilities producing that for your company, but sometimes they need your help. If there are boundaries by which they can’t produce better, you have to consider altering those for them.

Wear your employee’s shoe

Being MD of my company, I try to help my colleagues to work better in the team.  I try to observe their daily routines. I even try to know what they do at home before and after work. How they manage their personal life. For example, if someone is taking too stress at work and if his personal and social life is affecting after work, I have to know that. I will try to help him reduce his work stress and have good time after work. This would help the employee feel better during and after work hours.

Help your employees by knowing their problems

Talk to your employees separately one by one. Try to find out their problems. They might not tell you all the problems but if you try to become their friend, they will more likely to share their issues with you. Sometimes personal problems or family matters affect the work and productivity. May be one of them having financial issues and therefore he is being tensed all time. If you can help me with a small loan, go ahead and help them.

Create more social activities for your employees

I would say arrange movie tickets for your employees next weekend. Along with the tickets, I would give them some cash to have dinner together. Or you can arrange a team lunch or dinner at some nice place. Being social with them helps them get closer to you and with the other team mates. If the life style in the office or at work becomes more social, they will more likely to stay longer with your company.

During lunch hour, we play games specially network games. Sometimes board games, sometimes video games on our PCs. It diverts the mind from the work of all day. I would personally play with them so we get more chances to get closer with each other.

The following are a few tips you can consider which do not really need heavy investment.

  • Arrange games
  • Buy them movie tickets
  • Buy them lunch or dinner
  • Arrange a party or picnic for them
  • There can be more options I am sure

Have a discussion session every week

I try to arrange a discussion session with my team every Saturday. We talk about new trends in our technology, the new stuff coming on the web and mobile industry. One of us becomes a teacher and teaches the rest of the team members. This way we all learn from each other. It is good for self growth and company growth with your team. I am pretty sure if we apply even a few tips as above, we can create better results.

I always look for more options where I can help motivate my team mates and create more productive results. Please do let me know in the comments below with your feedback and suggestions or more tips if you have.

WordPress – Benefits of using it as your website CMS

What is WordPress?

WordPressMost of people already know about WordPress these days. But for those who don’t know anything and just its name, here’s a short introduction to it. When launched, it was internationally known as a blogging software. WordPress is a platform used these days to build everything from small blogging websites to huge corporate websites. WordPress has been around since 2003.

Here are some reasons why do we prefer WordPress as your website platform.

Easy to use

WordPress is very easy to use and has a very user friendly interface. It is a browser based software. Which means you can manage your website from any computer with just your login and password. Adding, deleting and updating page, images, posts, etc. are very easy to do things in WordPress . Its simplicity makes possible for you to get online and get publishing quickly.

No need of the special software and expensive developers any more

With WordPress you can say bye to all those heavy software products such as Adobe Dreamweaver because WordPress does not need an html editor. It is fully operational from its back end. You can do all the customization for your website from its back end without a need of additional ftp of html software products. WordPress makes it easy for you to manage your content. Create drafts, publish through a managed schedule. Either you want to make your content available to publish or make it private. Disable or enable comments. Secure posts through password. Everything is possible with WordPress . Another great advantage here is, you do not need to hire expensive website developers for each minor edit you want made on your site contents. It is more on a “Do it yourself” pattern and easy to update.

What about search engine optimization?

You don’t actually have to get worried about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because the code behind WordPress is very clean and simple. Each page, post and image generate its own meta tags and can be optimized for specific keywords. The construction of wordpress code is so much clean which Google finds very inviting for indexing. Plus if you need more SEO options there are many wordpress plugins available in the market.

Beautiful free and premium themes

You don’t actually have to. WordPress comes with a couple of default themes and even though if you don’t like it there are thousands of themes available over the internet. WordPress itself has a huge database of nice themes free of cost which you can install in your website with just a click.

The trend of using premium themes in WordPress is now everywhere. Premium themes normally come with additional admin features like updating logo, setting up homepage with extra widgets, customizing fonts formatting and colors etc.

Some of the most popular companies selling premium WordPress themes are ThemeForest, WooThemes and many others available on Google to be searched.

We hope the article helps you determine what platform to use for your next website. Feel free to drop your comments below.

Motor Ads – A new concept of advertising in Malaysia

Motor Ads


Recently a new concept of advertising is launched in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Motor advertising!

It is like a win/win situation for the car owners and advertisers both. The traditional methods of advertising include TV commercials, billboards, internet and newspaper etc. After the launch of 59MotorAds, it has given a completely new face to advertising and made is super easy. Continue reading “Motor Ads – A new concept of advertising in Malaysia”

Website Management – Maintaining your existing website

Website Management

website managementSome people think that making a getting a website made is a complex task. While they think this way, if they get the site done, they won’t bother updating it frequently. Having a website is a task and maintaining it is another task. If you have a very nice, appealing website, you always need to frequently update the website and its content.

You always have to remember that Google and other search engines need fresh content. If you do not serve the new content on weekly basis at least, you don’t get traffic. And as you know, no traffic means no sales. In today’s era, the internet has gone on very high level and in order to compete with the rest of the World, you have to keep running in the race.

If you have a simple brochure style website, it would be easy to update it. However if you haven’t made it using any CMS, it would be difficult for you to update it. The reason is, without CMS, you need some HTML and CSS knowledge in order to update your website. These days, people mostly use CMS applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many others out there. All of them serve the purpose for specific industry. You can easily have your brochure style website set up on WordPress or Joomla.

Website Management – Maintaining and Ecommerce website

If you need an eCommerce website or setting up an online store, you can use Magento, zencart, open cart any similar applications. These applications provide you great back office of update and control your products and sales online. You can streamline many of your business sales and other processes using the above mentioned applications.

WordPress comes very handy in terms of setting up standard websites with some complex features and is also used for Ecommerce and online stores type of websites. It has got some great plugins like WooCommerce and WP-Ecommerce which will do the job.

It is very easy to update contents on daily or weekly basis using the above applications. So if you haven’t started to use these applications, I would strongly suggest you upgrade to it. The main benefit you get is you don’t have to hire the website developers again n again in order to update your website.

In some cases, business do not have resources and time available to update the contents. In those cases, the best option is to hire a professional company to manage the website for you. Another benefit of hiring a company for website maintenance is that they take care of the security and loop holes in your website too. Like one of this website management plan would really be helpful for your existing website.